Det finns bara tre sanna frågorna när man vill rekrytera en ny medarbetare, enligt en artikel i tidningen Forbes.

  1. Kan du göra jobbet? (Styrkor)
  2. Kommer du att älska jobbet? (Motivation)
  3. Kommer vi att kunna jobba med dig? (Passa in)

Alla andra frågor är bara varianter på dessa kärnfrågor, enligt de topprekryterare tidningen talat med.

Preparing for interviews

”If you’re the one doing the interviewing, get clear on what strengths, motivational and fit insights you’re looking for before you go into your interviews.

If you’re the one being interviewed, prepare by thinking through examples that illustrate your strengths, what motivates you about the organization and role you’re interviewing for, and the fit between your own preferences and the organization’s Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and Environment (BRAVE).  But remember that interviews are exercises in solution selling.  They are not about you. Think of the interview process as a chance for you to show your ability to solve the organization and interviewer’s problem.”

Läs hela artikeln här.

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